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    Infrared Inspection Services

    Utilizing Thermography to detect moisture related defects in your home.

    We utilize FLIR technology for our infrared home inspections. FLIR is the industry leader for providing infrared technology to the home inspection industry.


    Find Hidden Defects

    Thermography home inspections allows homeowners and homebuyers to see inside the walls and structure of their home. Infrared imaging can help to identify possible defects that may not be visible using conventional inspection methods.

    By detecting small but crucial differences in temperature within the house, infrared technology can pinpoint areas of concern, including:

    • Water intrusion/infiltration including hidden moisture damage
    • Leaks in plumbing, pipe and duct work
    • Potential moisture sources for mold issues
    • Roof and ceiling leaks
    • Foundation cracks and other structural concerns
    • Faulty electrical systems
    • Potential energy issues such as heat & energy loss, including loss resulting from missing insulation and ventilation problems
    • Pest infestations (moisture associated with termite nests, rats, mice or other infestations)



    Infrared Imaging

    Call John  J&P Inspections LLC at 515-285-5422 For a Moisture Inspection with infrared or for Infrared alone.

    Please look at the 40 Thermal Images below. Many of these images came from actual forensic files, building science reports, home inspection reports, moisture mapping reports and Johnís Photo collection.

    Infrared Thermography is one of many of J&P Inspections LLC predictive and preventative maintenance services designed to help his customers. Infrared Thermography investigations save time and money through early detection of electrical, mechanical, roofing, moisture, insulation, condensation, and many other residential commercial related problems.

    John has taken over 5,000 infrared images during his building investigations. By taking this many images, he has been able to understand differential temperatures and what they mean. This knowledge and experience enhance the home inspection, forensic investigation, and moisture mapping inspection.

    Thermography is the leading technology in residential home inspections, moisture inspections, microbial inspections, and forensic investigations. John and J&P Inspections bring this technology to the table We are knowledgeable about all building conditions and are capable of applying this technology to the industry. We are pioneering this field and have become a leading authority.

                                          THERMAL IMAGES TAKEN BY J&P INSPECTIONS LLC
                                                               ELECTRICAL AND HEATING

    Overloaded Circuit
    The same Overloaded Circuit
    causing a hot wire
    Leaking Dryer Vent
    Overloaded Circuit
    Hidden Ductwork in wall
    AC delivering CFM
    Hot Water Heater with bad dipstick
    Dehumidifier operating in
    moist basement
    HVAC System not balanced
    Bad Water Heater



    Studs in wall. Lower portion of wall is
    cold and dew points are occurring
    High-rise Building. Searching for air leaks
    Rafters and Ice Dams
    Moisture in brick
    Studs in wall and interstitial mold
    Attic Rafters
    Moisture behind Hardy board
    Mold behind wall



    Chimney leak
    Wood siding leak
    Problems with Water Heater
    Problem with Water Heater
    Water leak from melting ice dam
    Water leak from melting ice dam
    Moist high humid air being sucked out
    of sump pump
    Insulation has fallen behind drywall.
    This cold wall had mold growing
    in an odd fashion.
    Moisture in wall forms ice dams.
    Heat loss on roof top


    Other points of interest:

    Electrical inspections in buildings. (Thermal imaging can spot overheated conductors.)
    Thermal heat loss inspections for buildings
    Moisture contamination evaluations in buildings
    Concrete integrity inspections
    Concrete water heated floor inspections for leaks and temperature distribution
    Flat roof leak detection for buildings
    Mold and hidden moisture being drywall surveys
    Insulation missing in walls investigation
    J&P Inspections LLC is the only home inspector in the state of Iowa that carries an infrared imager in his vehicle for all diagnostics.
    Cavity fill inspection
    Thermal bridging
    Structure detection (locating studs, joists, rafters, bearing walls)
    Energy audits
    Locating hidden leakage and/or dampness under tile or resilient flooring.
    Locating wet areas in non-accessible crawlspaces
    Anomalies, apparitions and unexplained can be easily explained with this technology.
    Infrared imaging has been helpful  in locating hidden termite colonies, carpenter ant nests and other interstitial pests


    Why Choose our Infrared Services

    By combining our thermal imaging technology with conventional home inspection methods, we offer the most comprehensive property inspections available in order to provide our customers with a more complete picture of their property.

    During our inspections, we look for water intrusion, water damage, insulation deficiencies, roof leaks, electrical issues, structural concerns, possible mold spots, and more.

    Additional Information:

Moisture causes mold & mildew. Mold testing pinpoints the cause
of mold issues in your home.


Infrared technology helps to identify moisture and structural
issues in your home.


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